Frequently Asked Questions

01: How do i book your service?


You can reach us by sms, whatsapp, call or email!


Mobile:+65 85180765



We would like to learn more about your party and hope to share our experience of holding a birthday party to you. Making sure that on the day itself, the party will go on smoothly.


Do i need to make any deposit?



There is a 10% deposit of the total amount or Full payment needed for engaging our services. You can pay us the balance in cash or Paynow/Paylah! transfer after the show/rentals/services.

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Will there be a refund of deposit if i need to pull out from the booking?


There will be no refund of deposit


 What other things do i need to know when i engage your services? 


I do need a working power socket. ( if you dont have that, you need to inform me earlier )

A good amount of space will be needed for my show to set up so please check the dimension correctly

I value good customer behaviour as i will do the same.

No transporation charges be it in the west/east/north/south or CBD area

In the event a particular personnel or service is unable to attend a particular assigment for whatever reason, we will endeavour to provide you with a suitable substitute or change of personnel/performance without prior notice. If we are unable to do so, a refund of deposit or no charge policy will be honored.

However, we expect such an incident to never occur and will always be endeavour to provide a reliable high quality entertainment and services.

Bouncy Castle rules and regulations

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Rules and regulations for the bouncy castles




1. Always supervise children playing on the bouncy castle. Prevent rough play, overcrowding and dangerous use of the equipment. Somersaults cause many spinal and other serious injuries.


2. Only for children between the ages of 3 - 12. Adults are not allowed on the bouncy castle and only to supervise the smaller children from the outside. Many adults and rough older children have caused severe spinal injury and death when colliding with small children.


3. Never operate or allow children to continue to use the bouncy castle or inflatable in bad weather conditions such as rain, lightning, wind and thunder.


4. Keep children away from electrical wires and the blower or fan for inflating the bouncy castle.


5. No food/drink or face painted are allowed on the bouncy castle. There is a huge risk of choking and staining the bouncy,


6. Shoes, sandals, high heels or any footwear are to be removed before stepping on the bouncy castle


7. Don’t allow more users on the bouncy castle than what is recommended.


8.Bunnie & Friends will not be held reliable for any injury or accident caused to the children on the bouncy castle. Parents are expected to keep an eye on them.

9. If in any case the bouncy castle is damaged or punctured due to abuse or neglect, you will be charged between $200 to $1000 dollars.


What do you need to know about 3 in 1 or 2 in 1 packages


When you pick any activies on Face Painting, Balloon Twisting and Giltter Tattoo. We will be able to do at least 10-15 kids within an hour provided there are these many children present at the timing u booked us.


Our Artists may delay the timing to start ( out of goodwill ) the program if the children are not present yet but the decision are up to the artist and not the company or client to decide.


If you like to extend the duration for any of these activies please contact our sales person and they will assist you.

Can i cancel my booking if its raining or due to haze

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In Case where weather Pre- Empts outdoor performances or activites, an alternate indoor location should be provided and all fees must be paid in full.

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