Balloon Sculpture & Glitter Tattoo

Bunnies & Friends provide balloon sculpture & glitter tattoo to add colours, excitement and fun to your party. Kids love balloons and glitter tattoo! Adults LOVE them too! 

Not only will we be doing colourful sculptures with top grade balloons(that can last longer), we will entertain requests from kids on what design they want for their balloons! They can choose what they want!

Be it a flower, a dog or even other ANIMALS!! We will do our very best in fulfilling what the kids really want for their birthday party celebration! As we are known to love kids, rather than just a dwelling birthday party, at the end of the day, every single kid will have a beautiful shiny glitter piece of art or a colourful balloon on their hand/arm to return home with. To kids it will be a whole fun fill entertainment!

Our Rate comes at $90 for Balloon Sculpture or Glitter Tattoo Artist for an hour

For both entertainment we are having a promotion at $160!!

Contact us at +65 85180765

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2 Buroh Cres, Singapore 627546 


+65 85180765

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